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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 18, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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ended in a deadly crash. you have details from eyewitnesses? >> and in the light of day i can see what happened last night. you can see the police markings and skid marks that show the 20-year-old suspect drove the stolen s.u.v. the wrong way and flipped the car over the trees and landed on the roof of the s.u.v. down this ravine feet from home. >> get your hands up, so, i figured someone was coming so i closed everything up. >> alex was ready for bed last night and heard a police chase end violently behind his home. >> i usually hear people hit this corner fast and i didn't think anything but it was followed by huge "boom." feet from his backyard fence lay the overturned and mangled stolen s.u.v. the driver, 20 years old, dead. it started after 1 last knit
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when san jose police officer who has been in the force for 4 1/2 years made a traffic stop and another driver started speeding toward him. >> the driver of the vehicle is making eye contact and he knew at this point this person was driving toward him and he jumped on the hood of the car to avoid being hit by the suspect vehicle. >> the officer took off to chase the suspect five miles down highway 101 and three more cars were brought for backup. the driver turned off lights to evade officers going through the streets with speeds up to 100 miles per hour before this fatal crash. >> he was breathing when we made contact and fire was immediately on the scene and they tended to him and he died in the ravine. >> as the neighbors watched the scene unfold, their only consolation was the massive responsibility law enforcement. >> i told my girlfriend because of the fact that there are so many cops trying to get the car out we knew we were safe because
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they would be out there all night. >> they were out here all night the road was blocked off if seven hours and the police officer convassing the area now walked by. from the overturned car they caught two juvenile females trying to runaway. they are in custody right now. as for the deceased suspect, tests will be done to determine if drugs and alcohol be involved. his identity has yet to be determined. he has no wallet or identification at the time of the crash. >> thank you. the mother of a 15-year-old killed in a high speed chase describes her son as a good kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. he was riding passenger in a car that crashed in a music car on saturday morning killing him and the 13-year-old driver. the police say alcohol was not a factor but the honda was reported stolen days before.
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she said she was not fond of her son's relationship with the 13-year-old. but she is not pointing fingers. >> it was just an accident. an accident. you cannot get mad about that. authorities say the stolen car lost control and crashed as the 13-year-old tried to out unpolice officers. >> a weekend crash involved a ferry boat and one of the boaters died from the injuries. we have video of the 22' speedboat. the accident happened saturday evening when the san francisco for i was struck. the victim is identified as a 68-year-old from oregon and died an hour after arriving at marin general hospital. another person on the boat was injured but no one on the ferry was hurt. >> a police officer at uc santa
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cruz are trying to find a man who beat and raped a young woman who was attacked yesterday around a wooded path. her attacker hit her in the head repeatedly and raped her. she called 9-1-1 and was taken to a hospital 230 -- for treatment. he is described as a white man in his 30's. the same man could be responsible for two assaults against women in the mission district. police released a sketch over the weekend that chosely matches the suspect in the january attack. the latest took place between 22nd and 23rd, around 1:00 o'clock in the morning. the victim said a man punched her. a similar attack happened january 6 when a man held a woman down on the sidewalk at 23rd and church. the victim screamed and the suspect ran away. >> happening now, recovery efforts to retrieve a hiker who
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fell to his death in san jose at the park. over the operation which is currently underway you can see the crew down there plummeting 100' over a hillside on sunday. the search and recuse crew will move down the cliff to retrieve the body. the hiker has not been identify ied. >> gas prices are skyrocketing in the bay area. they are up 45 cent in one money and have risen for 32 days in a row because of higher oil prices, production cuts and refinery issues. as of this morning we are paying an average of $4.13 in san francisco, up 46 cents from a month ago. in san jose, $4.08 a gallon a 49 cent increase. in the east bay, above the $4 mannering. a month ago it was $3.58.
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gas prices are tough on everyone when they rise and amy talked to people whose businesses are dramatically affected. >> imagine having to balance your business' budget and dealing with this, these prices next to the san francisco airport where in south san francisco gas is pushing $5 a gallon. people we talked to said, yes, they are making some changes. >> the increase in gas prices has some thinking about how to use less gas. >> not going to drive as much. be more conservative. try to use a bicycle more. >> others say the prices make them feel hopeless. >> i'm not happy with the prices but there is not much i can do about it so i have to suck it up. >> for those who rely on gas, this sudden spike hurts. >> it totally affects me. the bottom line, when you are a handy man and you are using your
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own truck, your own gas, it hurts. >> john says his truck only gets nine or ten miles per hour and a 13 percent increase in the gas prices this month says he will not have much left for himself at the end of the day. >> i am taking christmas lights down and i cannot charge much for that and i am not going 30' on the latter without a helper and we will be lucky do make $20. >> mike drive as town car and says the unexpected increase in prices makes it hard to put money aside for himself. >> it is so competitive and you cannot raise your prices when you feel like it. yes, it hurts. >> jump has been so big that he raised his prices last week by 20 percent. >> for new clients, yes. for the older clients, no. >> he would like to pass the cost on but says he can't. >> it is hard to do. everyone is in a pinch.
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>> you did hear him say high is still taking down christmas lights. predictions are this increase in cost of gas prices will continue through the spring so plan accordingly for abc7 news. >> still ahead, new developments in the murder case against olympian oscar pistorius with a new piece of evidence that has just been covered. >> gathering evidence from the meteorite explosion over
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♪ after the heartache >> mindy mccready who hit the top of the country charts before personal problems sidetracked her career die granddaughter a self inflicted gunshot wounds over the weekend. authorities found the body on the front porch of her home outside little rock, arkansas, yesterday. the same spot where her long time boyfriend slot and killed himself a month ago. mccready leaves behind two young sons. >> oscar pistorius is taking a break great his career as he fight as murder charge in the death of his super model girlfriend. his agent said that he has canceled all future track races as the client sits inside a jail in south africa. the double amputee heads to court to find out tomorrow if he is going do get bail.
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he said he thought he was shooting an intruder. published reports say a cricket bat was found in his home. authorities from here to southern california are on the look out for missing ten-month-old baby girl. the sheriff says that angel is missing from a home in castroville. deputies went to the home over child abuse complaint against a 47-year-old man. they have not located either one but have word that the suspect is on his way to mexico. if you have information call the monterey sheriff. >> scientists found more than 50 fragments from the meteor that exploded over russia's ural mountains and locals are looking for fragments but they are less interested in scientific value and more on how much the pieces can get on e-bay. police have warned the purchasers to watch out for fraud. 1,500 were injured and 46 remain in the hospital today.
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>> clouds but, still, really is. >> a gray day today. you can see the transition that is taking place to cooler weather and stormy weather. we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms and small hail and snow to 2,000'. i tell you how much if you are headed to the saferrality. >> big profits and big tax breaks how little facebook is paying uncle sam. >> a new policy a big boxcar is making permanent to fend off competition from online
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>> los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> abc7 anchor is traveling to washington, dc, this week, to interview president obama at the white house. dan's reports live from washington, dc, air tomorrow evening at 5:00 here on abc7. >> look forward to that. race car driver patrick is making history. she has become the first woman to win the pole position for the daytona 500. patrick sped around the 2.5 mile
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track in under 46 seconds in a qualifying race acknowledging -- averaging 196 miles per hour. the vase on sunday. >> a nonpartisan watch dog group is raising questions of menlo park facebook 2012 tax filing, citizens for tax justice say they found the social network company benefits from discussionses for executive stock options and share awards, despite the $1.1 billion in profit, the group said they will receive $429 million in tax refunds. facebook spokesman declined to comment. >> and show rooming in the stores could be stopped by best buy, saying they will match the prices of all local retail competitors and 19 major online retailers and hope to end show rooming where consumers look at items in the store and they go
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online to buy them. best buy offered online price matching during the holidays which proved to be a big hit with customers. >> everyone wants best price, value for money. and now mike nicco...rain is coming up? >> rain and much needed snow, possibly up to a foot. tomorrow or wednesday morning are the better travel days. you can see on live doppler 7 hd it is picking up the dry air right new, and some of the clouds are over the ocean adding more moisture so you have a little bit of green over the water and this time tomorrow we will be tracking some storms and some of those could have hail with them and some brief moderate rain at time. not a complete wash out but one of the best chants we have of rain in about three or four weeks. now, can you see san francisco mostly cloudy and 50, or 53 in oakland, near 50 around san jose
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and santa cruz and livermore from 48 to 50. as we head toward san jose it is cloudy, and brighter possibly, the clouds are thinner, and temperatures are running in santa rosa at 48, and we are in the 50's in napa and fairfield and gilroy is a cool spot at 45. what will happen, for the rest of today a few pockets of sunshine are possible, and cooler yesterday, and pretty mild but no record-setting, today we are below average. we have a stray shower possible but the best chance is with a couple of waves of energy coming in tomorrow. each is progressively cooler so that means that is why the snow level is dropping to around 2,000'. the culprit is the cold front, the pair of lows is well to the north where the energy is but this has a little bit more moisture than any other storm but by our standards for the winter, it is ploy starved and behind it we will have some cold air but some moderate to warmer air as we head into the weekend. here is what is happening
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tomorrow morning. showers ahead of it are possible and by 9:00 the front moving through, so we are going to see showers develop during the morning rush hour and the best chance with this cold front about three-hour window of steady rain and you can see the snow up in the north bay mountains and best chance headed into the afternoon hours, and afternoon, of dry weather is possible, pockets of dry weather before the next system pulls through in the evening rush hour and you can see snow developing on mount hamilton. beyond that, it will clear out and get cooler for wednesday morning. the areas you see are in green in the morning, and it will be sprinkles and the scattered light showers and the commute will be affected the further north you are, and where the green is at quarter of an inch, possibly .5" of rain, and tomorrow, as we look at the seven-day outlook, the coldest
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temperatures will be if we escape the 40's tomorrow and some of the storms could have small hail in the snow level dropping down to 2,000' and wednesday we get a break and same slippery slope from the northwest and possibly scattered slight shower on thursday, and friday and saturday and sunday a slow warming trend. >> good timing for oscar sunday and it will be dry and abc7 is the only place to watch the oscars on sunday, february 24, catching down to the big night with the oscars app and the pass has access with more than a dozen cameras and streaming video. our app is available for iphone, ipad, droid, and the kindle fire. still ahead a spectacular musical finish, a grand piano goes up in flames on a bay area beep. why this owner called this spectacle a "work of art." today on "katie" a salute to the
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oscars talking to sally field, and helen hunt, and denzel washington today at 3:00.
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>> and in san francisco police are investigating a suspicious package found inside a wells fargo headquarters in the 400 block of montgomery street. part of the street is still closed but some encouraging news is there is a store front that was evacuated for a short time and now is re-opened for business. police are said to be wrapping up their investigation so signs that things could be wrapping up there.
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>> coming up later today at 3:00 on "katie" the stars talk about their favorite oscars moment and on abc7 at 4:00, oscar the statue, how you can get in on part of the excitement even if you are not on the red carpet. >> at 5:00, the fast food twitter account hacked turning burgers of one company into another. >> san francisco artist who has been playing an old piano on a half moon bay bluff made sure the musical adventure ended with a fiery finish setting the baby grand piano on fire to the concerts he had been performing before the city shut him down. >> it has been wonderful. the burning of the is challenging to see it go up in smoke but i had a couple of ideas. i feel good about it. >> he set the by --
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